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 A visit to this ballet is a mandatory part of holiday plans for many families. The ballet, “The Nutcracker”, by Peter Tchaikovsky, is an integral part of the winter holiday, along with decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the house, meeting with friends and buying gifts. The delicate waltz of the snowflakes, the exquisite dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the bright Spanish and Arabian dances, the clockwork of the Russian trepak, and the graceful “Rose Waltz”- this multicolored palette of magnificent performance is perceived as a vital element of the holiday season.

Nutcracker Voronova Yablonskiy Krasnitskaya Kiev City Ballet Ukraine

 In the ballet, there is no connection with the religiosity of the Christmas theme; there is only a celebration that many families, regardless of religious beliefs, take part in at this time of year.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky addresses his favorite subject in The Nutcracker; only the power of love can conquer evil spells. The Nutcracker turns into a prince only when Clara hurries to his aid. This is the topic that determines the unique combination of a bright, festive atmosphere and a dramatic history of the main characters.

“The Nutckracker” ballet is ideal as the first ballet with which children will become acquainted. Additionally, both to small spectators and adult ballet-lovers, the ballet will definitely offer a feeling of admiration for beauty and fill all with holiday spirit any time of year! The ballet-extravaganza, “The Nutcracker”, has been presented by our troupe at various international festivals and tours and has given viewers in many countries of the world the opportunity to plunge into a fairy tale!

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