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Swan Lake Bondarenko Sukhorukov Kiev City Ballet Ukraine

 “Swan Lake” is the first of three ballets by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. It is recognized as an unsurpassed masterpiece of classical ballet and has been constantly performed on the most famous stages in the world for almost a century and a half. It was the music of Pytor Tchaikovsky and the choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov that transformed the traditional ballet libretto into a masterpiece of art. Beautiful costumes, rich scenery, magical music, and perfect dance, where the arms act as wings that dance as expressively as the body all come together to become a symbol of perfection.

 Many fragments from “Swan Lake”, such as “Dance of the Little Swans”, “Waltz”, and “Spanish Dance”- have long been living a separate life as popular concert numbers, but only as a single, dynamic work are they able to show the entire richness and depth of the composition. In the ballet, reality and fantasy alternate, creating a unique dynamic. The essence of the performance is much deeper that simply the struggle between good and evil. It is the struggle between inexperience and cunning.

The spell of the evil genius, Rothbart, can only be destroyed by true love. Siegfried swears his eternal love to Odette. If this oath is violated, Odette will always remain a swan. The sly Odile appears as Odette’s double in the prince’s castle. She deceives the enamored Siegfried and he violates the oath that he gave to his beloved. This powerful conflict is transmitted though an ideal combination of choreography and music.

Swan Lake Bondarenko Dushakov Kiev City Ballet Ukraine
 The presence of such a large-scale classical work as “Swan Lake” in a theater’s repertoire is an evident display of the high skill of the artists. The union of music and choreography bring the audience genuine pleasure.

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