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SCHEHERAZADE Kiev City Ballet Bondarenko Oksana

The ballet, “Scheherazade”, is colorfully staged on the music of the symphonic suite written by Rimsky-Korsakov. It transports the audience into the ambiance of the Arabian folk tale of “One Thousand and One Nights”.

The story unfolds in the Shah’s harem. The atmosphere of bliss and passion is conveyed to the viewer. Shahzemann, Shahriyar’s brother, whispers in his ear, suggesting that his wife has been unfaithful. Shahriyar decides to investigate the reliability of his brother’s accusation, unable to imagine the consequences. As soon as Shahriyar goes hunting, the wives persuade the eunuch to let their lovers into the harem. The dancing becomes increasingly effortless and passionate. Zobeide forgets about Shahriyar and the disposition and beauty of the Golden Slaves conquer her. In the dance, the passion increases. Suddenly, Shahriyar returns to find his wives with their loves. Everyone is anticipating a cruel execution. Zobeide kills herself and the suffering Shahriyar remains on stage.

The ballet, “Scheherazade”, is a tale of flaming passion told through physical litheness. The renowned ballet master, Mikhail Fokine, created a new medium of expression for this ballet. He refused the use of pointe shoes and adapted movements of classical ballet so that nothing would inhibit the transmittance of the true energy of love. The choreography is passed on through complex movements, sprinkled with the flavor of Eastern culture, conveying the subtlest nuances of interpersonal relationships.


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