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“Sleeping Beauty”, the fairytale by Charles Perrot, is known well to us from childhood. Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa created an outstanding ballet based on this tale. It is recognized as the pinnacle of the classical ballets of the XIX century.The music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky opened completely new horizons for the art of ballet. He created the ballet, “Sleeping Beauty”, as a beautiful romantic fantasy, in contradiction to gray everyday life. The plot is supported by the continuous musical development, during which the spectator has time to enjoy the beauty and perfection of the movements of the artists.

Sleeping Beauty Kiev City Ballet Ukraine

Simultaneously, the main characters on stage are expressive personas. Delicate, fragile, and at the same time dignified, is Princess Aurora. Prince Desire is romantic and fascinating! The dramatic canvas of the ballet is constructed as a battle between good (Lilac Fairy) and evil (Wicked Fairy Carabosse). The remainder of the activity is filled with the fairytale. It ends with a grandiose wedding, as it should be in a fairytale, to which the heroes of many children’s stories were invited!

The fairytale representation of “Sleeping Beauty” embodies the dream of eternal good, magnificent love and definite happiness which we all deserve. It will not leave any audience member apathetic. Our production of “Sleeping Beauty” was a tremendous success on tours in Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Romania, and many other countries.

Sleeping Beauty Cats Posternak Evtushenko Kiev City Ballet Ukraine

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